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Henry T. Gage

Governor Gage was a Los Angeles Lawyer in 1877. He married Fanny Rains daughter of the son of Don Antonio Maria Lugo, Jose Antonio Lugo, in 1890. In the years of 1899 to 1909 he was the 20th Governor of California. He was also the ambassador to Portugal from 1909 to 1911. After many years, Governor Gage received one of the adobe houses belonging to the family of Don Antonio Maria Lugo. His son and descendants lived until 1961 in the Gage Mansion, which was the original adobe house of Don Antonio Maria Lugo. Governor Gage remodeled the Adobe House. When he remodeled it, he added living quarters and four bedrooms. He also covered the adobe walls with wood siding.

Governor Gage was involved with many more wonderful projects, he started the California State Park System in 1902, and he started California Redwood Commission and formed the Commission of Public Works to save the Waterfronts and beaches from private ownership. Governor Gage died in the year of 1924.

Authors: Gabby Romero, Cindy Rochin, Carlos Gomez, and Ricardo Cornejo. Roberta Swanson, Instructor. Eighth grade student of Suva Middle School wrote this paper after they toured the Gage Mansion located at 7000 East Gage Ave in the City of Bell Gardens.

Web page published by: Comisioner Hugo Martinez, Vice Chairperson for the Cultural Heritage Board of the City of Bell Gardens.

This article was published in the "Bell Gardens Now" in the month of March 1998.

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