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*           Do you want to be part of the HyM Production Ministry? It’s easy…

*           First of All have you given your Life to our mighty Lord Jesus Christ?

If your answer is No Click Here

*           If your answer is Yes or No all you have to do is spread the word

about the existence of this site.

Explanation of the site

It is a little more than just a site....I have developed it as a Ministry.... Something we as Christians can use around our neck of the woods.... The Idea came from people asking me about when and where bands where playing....The plan is to eventually get some sponsorship to get this site it's own domain name......


Benefits of the site

The Benefits to the site are that bands get to be seen and get to feed the people. And other people can use it as a tool for ministering to unsaved people....Through his all mighty grace....

A Majority of these bands I have gotten to be close personal friends with... This is another benefit you get from the site. making friends in the Christian world a plus for new believers.


Informing Others

The Best way (for now) to give the address is to first get there email and send it to me. This way I can add them to the list of regular updated announcements to the site. Or else just give them the full domain address.

So the end result is everybody is welcome to be part of the ministry...

All you have to do is spread the word that it exists...

Any Help is appreciated....God Bless!!!