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  Origin   Influence   Friendship   Future Plans

Raised in the L.A. area born into a musical family with my Mom being a singer, uncles with producing/writing backgrounds and members of famous bands within the Hispanic music world, I was bound to do something. Not realizing until later in life, I was born to play music! Better stated it's in my Blood! Growing up within a Catholic/Christian household I have followed my heart and devoted my life as a Christian.

My influences have came from Mariachi music (From Mom),  late 70's  Disco/Rock (My Brother elder by ten years), and Metal/Rock/Rap from mid 80's to Now. I still listen to all types of music as can be seen from my Cd collection, one thing I must mention is how thankful I am for my brother having influenced me so much in my musical life. From watching him play Beatle tunes on his guitar when I was Five and taking me to see bands like Stryper and other Christian bands (at age 10) when Christian music was just getting started.  And also allowing me to destroy albums of his as a kid playing them over and over (I still owe you a Eagles Album Bro.). My Mom has unknowingly shown me by example what it really means to be a good musician. The right attitude to take both on and off stage and to always do it from the heart. She has been a big part of what and how I feel about the music. Thanks Mom!

My neighborhood can boast of such bands like Slayer, Dark Angel, Metalica, CoalChamber, The Bangels..Ok that's enough wouldn't you say:) But that's enough about me what do you think about me. I started playing guitar in a band at age 16 doing S.O.D. and G.B.H. covers. I later went on to form a band "Betrayer" with some very close friends "Sergio and Doug" playing Metalica, BlackSabath, FaithNoMore and Slayer covers. And haning out with some very close friends "Fern and Chuck etc.." in a band called "Brutal Assassin" only helped me keep my mind straight on what I was doing.

After a long hiatus from Life basically I joined Nemesis!!! I originally was interested in being there second guitarist but the position had been filled. I was so impressed with there attitude and sound that I decided to join them as there Bass player.

The thing I most value about being in Nemesis is the friendship I have developed with the the guys. All though it really hasnít been that long that we have met and we basically started our friendship through the music, I have been through some ups and downs and have seen what good friends I have in both George and Louie. And being in the band has developed into more than just being in a band with some guys, but hanging out with two of my brothers and doing one of things we love to do together.

I am currently a member of Nemesis and a worship band at my church. Playing in a Worship band influences me on a different level of playing music. First itís more playing time and second is playing for God and helping praise his name.

Future Plans
I have plans to co-produce Nemesis first demo album, produce and record my moms solo album. I also have plans to produce/record a album by a good friend of mine Estan of Christian songs he has been working on. Eventually I will find time to write and produce some music of my own "eventually".