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"Lifes Virtues"

Some of lifes steps are steps taken from someone elses Ideas. Wouldn't it be nice if we actually did what we sought out to accomplish,to not desire anymore but to have what we all want. Would this not be Heaven??

Crazy People!

List of Links

Joke of the Day


Southern California Edison
Edison International
SCE Search&Rescue
Edison's Kid Page
Edison Employee Activites
LEAD of Edison
Waste Not.

CAR Links

Hot Wheels
Kelly Blue Book
Hemmings Motor News
DMV California
Auto Web
LowRider Realm
Truck Trader
Auto Trader
Motorcycle Trader

Shopping Links

Friedman's Shoes
Nerd World
Future 21
Aardwulf Apparel
Fashion Net

Virtual Gifts

The Digit Postcard
Bear Island
Orange Source
Virtual Florist
Quantrill Trading Post Card
MichaelAngel's Card Shop

Banking Links

Bank of America
SCE Credit Union
Wells Fargo
National Credit Counciling Service "NCCS"
Experian's Credit Reports
Credit Reports

City of Bell Gardens Links

Bell Gardens Home Page
Ranch San Antonio Mansion
Henry T. Gage

Latino Links

Puro Mariachi
Mariachi Web
Mariachi USA
Leyendas de la Musica De Mariachi
Electric Mercado
Mariachi Web
Latino Web
LatinoLink Home Page

Aztec Links

Aztec Home Page
Indian Culture
Aztec Victory and Spanish Loss
Aztec History

Painters and Paintings

Frazetta Home Page
Boris Vallejo Gallery
Boris Vallejo
Die Kleine Galerie
Album Covers
Diego Rivera Web Museum
The Original Frida Kahlo Home Page

Religion Links

Calvary Chapel Home Page
Richard Senate-Phantoms

New World Order

Masonic Reflections
Supreme Council, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, SJ, USA
Verl Home page
the Masonic Learning Center
Masonic Links

People to Admire

Great Thinkers and Visionaries
Nikola Tesla

Music Links

Personal Music Sites
Christian Music Sites
CCM "On Tour" Listings
Final Quest - Contemporary Christian Music Group
Cool Christian Music Sites
Columbia House


Link to Bell High School's Homepage
Nimitz Middle School Home Page
Cal State University Dominguez Hills
Cal State Long Beach

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