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Wedding Time
Hugo Martinez and Lydia Madueno will be married.
June 26th 1999
We finally decided to make the plunge. It has taken both of us some time to make this decision and we feel very thankful to have found each other. We have found that we trully love each other and it is time to make the public announcement that we are to be married. In front of family, freinds and the eyes of god, we will have our precious moment. Details will be anounce in the near future. We want everyone to come and injoy our momentous event.

When we decided to get Married
I had thought about actually making this decision and seemed to have been made for us. She told me how much she loved me and how she was not scared of having me in her life. But the strangest thing was that everywhere we went that day we kept getting told how good we look together and how happy we looked. Especially me! Family was telling Lydia how happy I looked and that helped her to beleive me. It also made me realize it was time and it was right. I had wanted to make a big event out o fit, but instead I just asked her right then and there. The gaze in her eyes, the look of fear of the unknown. I this not one of those moments we all will remeber in our lifes when we make decision and to see the other persons eyes and realize what you are about to take the first step of many in your lives together. Well I won't go into detail but obviously you know the autcome and now for the rest.

When I told my Mom (Family)
We had gotten together for my birthday at a local restaurant. It was attended by my brother "Victor", his two sons "Jason", David", my mother "Olga", my grandmother "Jennie" and ofcourse my fiance "Lydia". It had been a good meal we talked laughed, my mother made fun of me and we where about to get up and leave. I had been stalling. but Lydia had been pushing me to do it "I guess I was nervous". When finally I said, "I have an anounment" my mother imedately said "I dios", well I said me and Lydia are going to be married. Everyone was shocked, my grandmother who was sitting next to me hugged me with a beuatiful smile and said she was happpy for us. My mother was still in shock, but then joined with everyone else in congradulating us with hugs and kisses. The reason why I am writing is to most of remember that look on my mothers face, I wish I had a camera so we can look back at it years from now and laugh. Gotta love her!

When I asked for her hand from her Father
Will this is soon to happen.....Keep up eye out for the update....

When we met!
I was taking care of a freinds house while the went on vacation, when a couple of buddies from work and I decided to hang out at the house and go have some drinks. At the time I had set my mind not to have anyone in my life and concentrate on my business. Well when we walked into the club that we frequently visited I walked late after the other guys as I walked toward where they where allready sitting I saw her. I could believe it she caught my eye and  I had obviously caught hers.  After having a beer and drinking enough never I was about to approuch her when would you know it she was standing right next to me. She asked my name and we sat and talked. After that moment it seems like we have not been apart from talking to each other everyday to living together. It has not been an easy road bought it diffenatly has been a road worth taking and glad that I have.

When I gave her Prizm
Prizm is our child (Cat). Lydia's birthday was cming up and I was trying to think what can I give her that would be special and meaningful. Well it came to me when she mentioned how much she misses the cat she use to have. Well here I went, I looked up in the recycler for kittens and I happen to find this breader of Siamese who had two kittens left. I imediatly shot on over to get one. After I picked him I went and bought all the goodies for him. She was at work and I left her a messege to come over to my place after she got out. I took Prizm and placed him in a gift bag when he finally got sleepy. It was perfect! I met her at her car when she pulled up, I had the bag in my hand. She asked is that for me, I said yes it is your Birthday gift She opened it and out popped his little kitten face and she screamed in joy! And know he bugs us everyday, when I wake up when I come home when he's hungry! when he wants to play! His nick name is "Spoiled Kitty".

When she told her Mom and Sisters
Well I wasn't there, she couldn't wait, but that afternoon we went over and as soon as I opened the door her sister hugged me and said "I have a brother!". Lydia's mother looked so happy and stated she was happy for us.

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